23 Memes To Take Your Mind Off Of Donald Trump

Written by Gabriela Corsalini

Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to stay away from the news. Come on, turn off CNN, slowly step away from Facebook, close that Twitter tab and put away your phone. Stop reading/watching/hearing the news, get your head off of Donald Trump, and enjoy a nice time filled with laughter by seeing these memes.

If they don’t get your mind off of sh*tty things, nothing will.


23. Keep tryin’

22. Drug lords are also great dads

21. After just ONE marijuana

20. It could be worse19. Incognito is your friend


17. Always thinking ahead

16. Graphic description

15. Damn you, read receipt14. It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? 

13. He’s better behaved than most humans

12. It’s a real talent 

11. Why tho?

10. Real questions

9. Not overreacting at all

8. We’ve all been there…

7. Clever… or not

6. Looks can be deceiving

5. #RelationshipGoals

4. Dang, woman. Chill

3. It never ends

2. It only takes a nice word… and a handful of drugs

1. Priorities


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