CNN’s Jake Tapper Interviews Stephen Miller And It’s Completely Bonkers

Stephen Miller
Written by Michael Peckerar

If you can say one thing about Stephen Miller, it’s that he stands his ground. Even if that ground is pants-crapping insane.

The adviser to “President” Donald Trump appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper to address the bombshell that is Michael Wolff’s book “Fire And Fury” — an unflattering inside look at the Trump White House.

Most of Trump’s staff and the “President” himself have been scrambling to contain the bleeding caused by this gut-shot of an expose. Miller, who is billed as “Senior Policy Adviser” to the “President,” appeared on Tapper’s “State Of The Union” program on Sunday, to participate in this exact effort.

And yes, it was as mind-bogglingly insane as you figured it would be.

First and foremost, and this is just an opinion, Miller looked like he just got done smoking a joint in the green room right before the interview. And if that’s his normal demeanor, he’s probably not the cat you want to put on TV to defend the “President’s” sanity and mental state.

It also is pretty obvious that Miller only just learned the words “grotesque” and “condescending” right before the show. He’s not exactly a rolling Thesaurus. Especially since he was visibly thrown off his game when Tapper lobbed “obsequious” across the table.

As for the content of his rebuttals, Miller seemed to stick to the overall Republican playbook. Regurgitating sound bites and pre-prepared verbal jabs, regardless of the question asked. Tapper asked Miller very clear, concise, and simple questions regarding the book. Miller’s answers were long, unrelated, and rambling anecdotes about speech writing on planes and how CNN isn’t nice to the White House.

It was so painful to watch that Tapper had to cut the interview short, with Miller still shouting like a banshee in the background. See for yourself:

Naturally, Trump went on Twitter and claimed Miller “destroyed” Tapper. But we all know that’s baloney. What’s obvious is that the Trump Administration is clearly out of touch with reality and is either too stubborn or stupid to realize they all come off looking like a horse’s ass every time cameras are rolling.

The 2020 elections simply cannot get here soon enough.

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