17 Donald Trump Tweets That’ll Make You Question His Sanity

donald trump tweets
Written by Kallie Provencher

Someone needs to take away Donald Trump’s phone ASAP. He has a serious knack for putting his foot in his mouth when it comes to tweeting to his 34 million followers.

Also, there’s the little issue with the rest of the world watching our president make a complete fool of himself online. So. Embarrassing.

Honestly, it’s a complete sh** show, so enjoy these Donald Tump tweets that will leave you questioning his (and his voters’) sanity.

17. It’s modern day presidential

So cringe-worthy.

16. That one time he was a complete jerk to Arianna Huffington

Commenting on someone’s failed marriage is never a good look.

15. His pervert PSA

Apparently Donald hasn’t seen the memes about his relationship with his daughter.

14. Really, he’s just a bully with this one

Has he never stepped foot outside of Trump Tower? Skinny people be drinking Diet Coke, Donald.

13. His odd obsession with Robert Pattinson

This was just the beginning.

12. Just looking out for a bro

“If you saw the Miss Universe girls you would reconsider.” *Shudder*

11. The obsession is real

WTF is with this dude and Robert Pattinson?! It’s not like he has a chance with the actor.

10. Thanks for the warning

Everyone is asking for more Robert and Kristen tweets because they find it hilarious Trump cared enough to comment on the issue like 54,603 times. What a joke.

9. Never ending love triangle with Robert and Kristen

And this isn’t even all of the tweets he posted on the subject.

8. Watch out, Katy Perry

Once again the Don felt the need to share his opinion on another couple’s marriage.

7. Obama’s manhood

And this is the guy who now runs our country. Terrifying.

6. No time for TV

We can’t make this stuff up, people.

5. Fake news, fake news, fake news

Everything is fake news to Trump. Apparently he doesn’t know how to distinguish between “real” fake news and news he simply doesn’t like.

4. “So illegal”

He sounds like a 5-year-old.

3. Contradicting himself

If it’s “fake news,” doesn’t that make his “great jobs numbers, strong economy…” fake too?

2. Trump’s war on CNN

Once again with the fake news.

1. The biggest joke of all

The most cringe-y part of Donald’s Twitter is that he doesn’t delete tweets even after he is highly criticized for posting them. No screen shots needed.

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