Confused Bull Kills Itself After Having Horns Lit On Fire During Festival

Written by Kallie Provencher

This story will literally make you feel sick to your stomach.

As if bull fighting wasn’t gory enough, a town near Valencia, Spain has found itself in the headlines after lighting a bull’s horns on fire.

The terrified and confused animal then ran head-first into the pole in which it was previously tied, as reported by UK’s Independent.

The helpless bull died instantly. Some sources are saying the animal “committed suicide” as if having its horns set ablaze was so tortuous, it simply needed a way to end the suffering.

The bull was said to have been tied up to the post while having its horns set on fire. It then “flailed” around for a bit after being released, before turning back and running full force into the pole.

The animal is said to have gored a man in the leg during the day’s Running of the Bulls festival, but it’s not known if this was the reason it was chosen to be set afire.

Video footage of the carnage can be seen in the Independent article, but I was personally not able to press ‘play.’ Animal rights group Bulls Defenders United shared the video to its Facebook as it called for an end to the practice.

The Spanish cities which partake in the festivals have been begged to end the cruelty to bulls, however, some defend the practice as they say it’s a “cultural asset,” according to the Independent.

The Sun reported on festival proponents stating the bull fighting has been part of their history for hundreds of years.

“Supporters of the festivals claim the bulls do not suffer and say the tradition dates back more than 400 years.”

The same people also claim the animals do not suffer despite what recent footage shows. One could say arguing for a barbaric practice simply because people have been doing it for hundreds of years does not hold much merit.

A lot of things have happened over the past 400 years, but that doesn’t make them right or justify continuing the ritualistic torture of animals. In fact, we should see the error in our ways given how far humanity has come since the 1600s, right?

We’ve recognized a lot of things as ‘bad’ that people were once okay with, so why are we reading about animals being set on fire purely for human enjoyment?

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