20 Cats That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

Written by Gabriela Corsalini

It doesn’t matter if you just got fired, learned that your parter is cheating on you, found out that your parents never truly loved you, realized that you probably wasted a lot of time and money on college for nothing, or discovered that your favorite taco joint has been closed by the Health Department, these cats will definitely make your day instantly better.

You’re welcome.

20. Surprise Cat

19. Baby Reveal Cat

18. Playful Cat

17. Hide-and-Seek Cat

16. Acrobat Cat

15. Party Cat

14. Pizza Cat

13. Focused Cat

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12. Peek-a-boo Cat

11. Sleepy Cat

10. Party Pooper Cat

9. Magician Catисчез

8. Greedy Cat

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7. Gamer Cat

6. Confused Cat

5. Traveling Cat

4. Bowl Cat

3. Sarcastic Cat

2. Mean Cat

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1. Fat Cat

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