America, This Is Not A Drill: Trump Means Fart In The UK

trump fart
Written by Michael Peckerar

Sure we all know Donald Trump spews crap from his mouth… but we had no idea how far this idea reaches.

In a brief glance over Twitter this morning, I came across this little gem from a fellow cyclist I follow, who’s over in the UK:

Uhhhh, hold the phones…. Trump means fart?? I had to get confirmation. Another UK cycling pal stepped in for the win:

America, how have we overlooked this?? We have a “president” whose name means fart! In an English-speaking country! The same country whose Prime Minister had to hold President Fart’s hand so he wasn’t afraid of the stairs!

This opens up a whole new world for us, America.  From here on out… he’s President Fart.

Oh, and thanks to our pals in the merry ol’ UK… we have this little gem to get us started:

First you give us James Bond 007, then you give us Sasha Cane… now this. Bartender, send the Brits another round of whatever they’re drinking.

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