13 Most Hilarious Things Ever Said By Kids

Written by Gabriela Corsalini

People tend to think that kids don’t really know much about everything, but real life is very different to that. Actually, kids not only are smarter than they seem — their little brains are totally under appreciated — the are sometimes even wiser beyond their years.

Scroll down to see what has made these kids deserve a spot on this hilarious list. It’s the craziest thing you’re gonna read today!

13. This Kid Who Just Can’t Even

12. This Kid Who Won’t Forgive or Forget

11. This Kid Who Is Simply Stuck

10. This Kid Who Gets On Their Mother’s Nerves Frequently

9. This Kid Who Has a Weird Interpretation of Words

8. This Kid Who Is a Rebel

7. This Kid Who Basically Just Invented a New Language

6. This Kid Who Only Speaks the Truth

5. This Kid Who Is Only Interested in the Arts

4. This Kid Who Simply Cannot Live Like This

3. This Kid Who Is Definitely Going Places

2. This Kid Who Is Not Dreaming Big Enough

1. This Kid Who Is an Overachiever

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