OMG Parenting Confessions That Will Make Your Spit Out Your Drink

Written by Gabriela Corsalini

Having kids is not easy, but we rarely get to hear just how awful things can get from parents themselves. They are usually all about sharing the best, happiest memories, while conveniently forgetting to mention all those diaper blowouts and chewed-out food on their hands.

But just give them a way to anonymously submit their secrets and they’ll ‘fess up like a drunk pimp. These are only a few of the most hilarious and ludicrous parenting confessions.

If these don’t make you spit out your drink, we did something wrong.

15. The Potty Training Dilemma

14. The Not-So-Gentle Giant

13. The Stubborn One

12. The Artist

11. The Best Form of Birth Control

10. The Curious Mind

9. The Creepy Toddler

8. The Scuba Diver

7. The Confused Little Guy

Someone needs to teach this kid what a potty looks like. It’s definitely — hopefully, at least — not furry.

6. The Cook

5. The Cigar Smoker

Nah, that’s not disgusting at all. *barfs*

4. The Good Question

3. The Cleaner

2. The Clown

1. The Big Kid

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