23 Baby Names Parents Surprisingly Regret Giving Their Kids

Written by Kallie Provencher

Picking timeless, strong, and unique baby names seems to be at the top of all parent’s to do lists these days. Luckily for us, Cafe Mom recently shared some epic names which parents (through a survey) surprisingly said they wish they didn’t give their babies.

Seriously, guys, we were so taken aback by the names on this list. So, we decided to rank them!

Check out 23 baby names parents regret giving their kids in order from most to least surprising.

23. Charlotte

Out of all the names, Charlotte came in as number one on the site’s “most regret” list. And we completely disagree.

This classic name is simply adorable. Who doesn’t love a girl named “Charlie?!”

22. Jacob

According to the site, this name may be overused, which leaves parents feeling as if it’s not “distinctive” enough. Fair point.

21. Emily

WHAT?! What’s wrong with the name “Emily?”

It’s cute. It’s sweet. It’s everything parents hope their daughters are.

20. Daniel

We don’t hear this one too often anymore, but it’s basically a staple boy name! It gives us the classics “Dan” and “Danny,” which we don’t mind.

Unfortunately, there’s no explanation as to why parents regret using it.

19. Lily

Maybe parents who used this name simply grew tired of its novelty, because we see nothing wrong with this cute lil’ moniker.

It’s unique and spunky, which makes it kind of perfect.

18. Jane

This girl name is not super common, but it’s still cute! There are plenty of reasons it’s so universal and ageless…

However, it seems some parents feel remorse over using it.

17. Amelia

Okay, so we can kinda see why some parents would regret this name. “Amy” as a nickname may not go over well with some.

However, Amelia is still a pretty (and fun to say) name!

16. Meghan

The site states the popularity of this name as the reason why so many parents regret using it.

15. Anthony

Am I the only one who thinks of High School High‘s “Anferny” when I hear this name?! It’s pronounced AN-FERN-Y!

But seriously, Anthony isn’t an awful name despite not being original.

14. Ruby

Some parents are re-thinking this name, but we find it precious.

Plus, one would think parents who name their kid “Ruby” have put a lot of thought into it just to regret it later.

13. Joseph

Can someone please tell us what’s wrong with this name?! “Joey” is oh-so adorable for a baby!

12. James

While this name isn’t the most unique, it’s still timeless. Surprisingly, parents do regret naming their babies James, though.

11. Alex

It doesn’t specify any particular name except for “Alex,” which can be a shortened version of Alexandria, Alexis, Alejandro, and more.

And you gotta admit, those names are pretty cool.

10. Jack

Jack is one of those no nonsense type of names. It’s strong, but not too overbearing.

Really, we think it’s a solid name, but some parents seem to disagree.

9. Thomas

Do you know anyone under the age of 30 named Thomas? It seems less and less parents are naming their babies “Tom.”

8. May

Maybe we’re just not fans of this one, but we can totally see why some parents would regret naming their baby “May.”

7. Anne

Learning parents regret this girl name is not so shocking as it’s as simple they come.

6. Louise

The site says the name “Louise” was popular in the early 1900s, which makes sense as to why it’s not so cool now.

5. Jay

In all honesty, we’re surprised parents are naming their kids just “Jay.”

4. David

Are people still naming their kids “David?” It’s news to us.

3. Sally

I personally don’t know anyone by this name, but that doesn’t make it a bad one. But really, “Sally?”

2. Oscar

All we can say is we’re not too surprised at this one.

1. Frederick

Hmm, there’s nothing quite as catchy as “Freddy,” but that doesn’t mean this name should stick around.

We actually agree with this one.

Sorry, Fred.

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