Nicki Minaj Dominates Farrah Abraham In Twitter Feud

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Written by Kallie Provencher

In what may be the Twitter battle of the century, Nicki Minaj completely destroyed Farrah Abraham after calling the ‘Teen Mom’ out on her attitude.

You may recall when Abraham made headlines after a sneak peek was released for the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ where she makes her mom, Debra Danielson, cry. It appears Miss Minaj has finally seen the episode and decided to call Abraham out on her less than nice attitude towards Danielson.

Nicki Minaj

Twitter/ Nicki Minaj

Yup, Minaj held nothing back as she told the 24-year-old mom ‘see you next Tuesday.’ Of course, Abraham got wind of the brewing Twitter battle and defended herself the best way she knows how, grammar mistakes and all.



Yikes, Abraham had the courage to drag down Minaj after looking like a complete jerk on national television. You gotta admit, the girl has guts.



Shots fired! When Nicki Minaj is correcting your grammar, it may be time to call it quits.



Seriously, Farrah Abraham needs a reality check, and I think Nicki Minaj just handed it to her!

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