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Cry-Baby Homeowners Blame ‘Fixer Upper’ Couple Chip & Joanna Gaines For Undesirable Location

Written by Kallie Provencher

What happened to personal responsibility? It seems one Waco, Texas couple threw all caution to the wind when deciding which home to pick on HGTV’s famed Fixer Upper.

Over the weekend, a drunk driver crashed into the home of Ken and Kelly Downs— the home they had designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines on the hit renovation show.

That being said, of course it’s Chip and Jo’s fault the couple picked such a crappy location to live. At least, that’s what Ken and Kelly are now claiming. According to People magazine, the couple has stated Chip and Joanna directed them to an unsafe and less-than-desirable neighborhood.

“It’s been a problem from the beginning,” Kelly told the Tribune. “We feel deceived by the city of Waco and [Chip and Joanna Gaines’s firm] Magnolia Realty.”

Mrs. Downs said the neighborhood is like the Wild West and her home is a “Fixer Upper gone bad.” She credits nearby bars and a store for causing unwanted “commotion.” Kelly went as far as to state she and Ken have been harassed in the tiny Texas town and feel threatened.

We have been intimidated and harassed. There’s a big problem here. It’s not safe.”


But the stupidity doesn’t stop there. Kelly also said she and her husband moved to Waco specifically for the opportunity to appear on Fixer Upper. So, they obviously didn’t know the area very well before purchasing a home.

It also appears the couple did not do the proper research before making their decision. But don’t worry, folks, Facebook users were quick to point out the Downs’ error.

Fixer Upper fans let loose in the comment section on People magazine’s post, and let me tell you, they did not spare any feelings. The top comment pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole situation:

“Um it’s YOUR job to research the area your moving into. And you saw the house and the neighborhood before moving in. Swear to God ADULT humans will literally blame anyone for anything now a days just to avoid taking responsibility for their life.”

Amen to that! Instead of playing the blame game with Chip and Jo, this particular couple should acknowledge they failed to sufficiently research the area.

Next, we have a real estate agent’s comment stating realtors are legally not allowed to dissuade potential homebuyers from purchasing in a specific area.

“As a fellow Realtor, I can tell you that it is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate the neighborhood. “Steering”, or directing a buyer toward or away from a specific neighborhood is a violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 which we are legally bound by.”

On tonight's episode, Chip finally figures out his design style! 😉 It's a dramatic reveal you won't want to miss @hgtv 9/8c

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Just in case you’re wondering about the validity of this claim, here’s a link to a website on how to not violate the policy. Moving right along (pun intended), we come to other social media users who do know how to properly investigate a home before forking over any cash.

“My real estate agent told me to drive by each house I was considering at various times of the day… several houses became a big fat NO after I drove by between 12-3am and saw all sorts of shady stuff. People want to blame everyone else for their stupid mistakes!”

Simple as that! Drive by the place a few times throughout the day and week to really get a feel for what life is like at that location. Crisis adverted.

Another Facebook commenter oh-so appropriately called Ken and Kelly “immature” based on all of their decisions regarding the Fixer Upper house.

I think there is a consensus here. The couple moved to Waco just to have a house by Chip and Joanna… immature decision. They didn’t research the neighborhood… immature decision. They want to blame others for the result… immature decision.”

Last week's Bakery reveal was such a fun one! Watch an all new #fixerupper tonight at 9/8c @hgtv

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However, what I find most interesting is the Downs’ listing for Airbnb, as reported by People:

“Our fixer-upper home is located in an older neighborhood where good people are working to improve their homes and bring up the neighborhood. It is a work in progress with which we are pleased to be involved.

We ask that you please be patient and understanding as we undergo the growing pains of neighborhood revitalization.

We are working with the City of Waco, council members and planners in hopes of adding improvements to this part of town.”

The couple eloquently avoids saying “it’s a rough neighborhood” or “drunk people may drive into the front room at any time” while trying to encourage strangers to rent out their fixer upper. Real nice, Ken and Kelly, real nice.

Hopefully Chip and sweet, sweet Jo are not losing sleep over this Fixer Upper fiasco.

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