The Playboy Mansion Could Be Yours For $200 Million (With A Catch)

Playboy Mansion
Written by Michael Peckerar

If you grew up dreaming of living in the Playboy Mansion, your dreams might be coming true.

Legendary publisher Hugh Hefner is reportedly putting the Beverly Hills property up for sale within the coming months. According to early information, the asking price will be in the neighborhood of $200 million. This includes the wine cellar, tennis courts, and of course — the grotto.

There’s just one little catch…



No, the Playboy Bunnies don’t come with the house.  But Hef does.

Whomever purchases the six acre compound will be contractually obligated to allow the 89-year old Hefner live on the property for the rest of his natural life. Yes, even if you choose to live there.

While having Hef for a roommate might be pretty odd, you still live in the Playboy Mansion. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Contrary to the public image, many Bunnies have reported that living in the mansion is not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s a curfew, the decor is becoming outdated, and Hef has not been his swinging self in some time. Many have claimed the furniture is old and mismatched, and the parties are few and far between.

Hef’s age together with the new direction Playboy has been taking would explain the sale. The mystique of the Playboy Mansion is not what it once was. Perhaps a new owner could bring back the heyday of the Mansion.

If you’ve got a spare $200 million laying around, or you just hit the Powerball — give your realtor a call.  You might live the dream!

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