Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Her Bizarre Ways As She Publicly Accuses Fiancé Of Cheating, Claims To Be Pregnant

Lindsay Lohan
Written by Kallie Provencher

Everyone’s favorite redhead is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Lindsay Lohan has been on a social media tirade that spanned Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Lohan publicly accused fiancé Egor Tarabasov of cheating on her with a “Russian hooker.” She took to Snapchat to share her relationship woes with a strange post about drinking water.

“My fiancé’s being really angry at me, but I’m drinking water to get him to come home. Honey, come home, please,” Lohan shared via Snapchat. Perhaps Tarabasov was angry with her because she was intoxicated, and the water drinking was to help her sober up? Anything is possible with Lohan.

The 30-year-old actress also posted several photos on Instagram that called out her alleged cheating partner, but has since deleted them. However, there’s a black and white photo of her and Tarabasov with his face scribbled out that has survived the deleting.

Lindsay Lohan

Instagram/ Lindsay Lohan

He wore black and I wore white…. 🙉🙈🙊⚓️ I guess #art  is whatever you make of it.

Lohan attributed Tarabasov’s actions and party-boy ways to his age. He is only 23, after all. She tweeted that she was the same way at his age, and called it a “shitty time” and sarcastically thanked him for not coming home all night.

Lindsay Lohan


But wait, there’s more! Lohan finished her rant with a tweet claiming to be pregnant. She shared a photo from her 2009 movie trailer of “Labor Pains,” in which she played a woman pretending to be pregnant. It’s hard to tell if Lohan is seriously pregnant as her rep has not confirmed anything to media at this time, or if this is some ploy to win over her fiancé.

Lindsay Lohan


What a way to announce a pregnancy, right? Only time will tell if Lohan is really expecting a baby, or if this is just another one of her bizarre antics to gain public sympathy.

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