California Will Not Finish The Trump Years As Part Of The United States

Written by Michael Peckerar

We are just over a week into the Donald Trump presidency, and California has sent a pretty clear message to the alleged “president” that we’ve had about enough of his crap.

In his State Of The State address, Governor Jerry Brown made it crystal clear that California is going to do California, and if the White House doesn’t like it, they can grab on these.  That’s not exactly how the governor phrased it, but it’s the general idea. California has legalized recreational marijuana, is home to numerous self-declared sanctuary cities, and is putting more money into health care programs like Medi-Cal.

Oh, and we welcome immigrants.  Because we read the plaque on the Statue Of Liberty and paid attention in high school Social Studies.

This is pretty tough talk from any governor, let alone the governor of the most populated and economically important state in the nation.

It has only taken a week of Trump’s invasion of the White House for a petition to start circulating in California, requesting a vote on secession. Ironically dubbed, Calexit… a clever play on Brexit.

Seceding from the United States is a tricky affair, and the Constitution makes no allowance for it.  It’s a risky thing to do, and if you don’t believe that, ask South Carolina how their little tantrum in 1860 turned out. To leave the United States in 2017 is a political, logistical, economical, and geographical undertaking the likes of which nobody has ever even imagined.

One cannot ignore the facts, though. Recent polls have shown that almost a third of California voters favor secession, and the movement is only picking up steam with each and every executive order the “president” forces on us. California was the bluest of the blue states in the 2016 Presidential Election and the Democrats took both the national and state races in a slam-dunk.  It doesn’t take a B+ in AP Calculus to see what’s coming down the road.

Remember… it’s only been a week!

If in one week, California is this fed up with the “president” and his absurd fantasyland agenda, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where the Golden State does not at least attempt secession within the next four years. California has a limit to how much we can take, and what once seemed “extreme left wing fringe fantasies” is now a plausible reality.

Unless Trump softens his tone and throttles back his white nationalist agenda, the US is going to lose California.

California, where “No Justice, No Peace” was born.  California, where speaking Spanish is a point of state pride. California, where medical marijuana was born. California, where Cesar Chavez fought for the rights of immigrant workers. California, the state with a Constitution that mandates a direct democracy and has done so for 105 years.

Awash with tech, aerospace, and agriculture money, only California has the leverage to stand up to the alleged “president.” If this week is any indicator of how the Trump administration is going to roll, it’s a good idea to start working on a 49 star flag. Because California has one foot out the door.

And it’s only been a week.

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