Kallie Provencher

Kallie is a self-proclaimed journalism junkie with a passion for the latest trends. She loves Diet Coke, succulents, and sunny days.

Michael Peckerar

Michael is a writer, commentator, horse racing enthusiast, Oxford Comma activist, unlicensed astronaut, casquetter, and can probably destroy you at Trivia Night.

Gabriela Corsalini

Gaby loves reading, writing, and watching bad TV. She's the proud mother of two, wife of another one and human of a furry guy.

Tabitha Shiflett

Tabitha Shiflett is a New York-based digital journalist. From fashion to trending topics to listicles, she writes it all. Check out the rest of her writing at

Zenae Zukowski

Tinley Jones

Mark Mueller

Mark Mueller spends his free time frolicking in the meadows with his cat Reginald. He is a lover of artisanal crackers. Occasionally you can find him playing tetherball in the park by himself.