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Ariel Winter (Controversially) Shows Off Figure At High School Graduation Party

Ariel Winter

It’s been a busy a month for Miss Ariel Winter. The 18-year-old ‘Modern Family‘ star recently went to senior prom with friends and, more recently, became a proud high school grad. She shared a celebratory photo on Instagram a few days ago marking the occasion. Winter poses happily next to her cake table, which is themed in a classic white, black and gold scheme.

Ariel Winter


However, it’s not the decor that has people talking. Winter chose to wear a blush colored cocktail dress to celebrate her accomplishment, and it was more than a little revealing. The skin-tight dress looks amazing on Winter, but it does little to cover her ample assets.

The cutout design shows off plenty of cleavage, and Winter fiercely refuses to apologize to body-shamers who claim it was an inappropriate fashion choice for the young star. She took to social media to tell those trying to call her out on her choice of dress to “get a hobby” and that she looked “hot” in her dress.

It is kind of shocking to see Winter in such a revealing dress, but hot damn! She’s old enough to choose her own clothes, and she shamelessly accepts her body. The actress underwent a breast reduction in 2015 and isn’t afraid to show off her scars, making her somewhat of a body positive role model.

However, there may be a thin line between being body positive and straight-up skimpy. While this dress is undeniably sexy, Winter does have a young audience looking up to her now as her fame grows. Since when did Alex Dunphy feel the need to bare all in order to feel or look hot?

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